Monday, January 26, 2009

Being Tested

I was seriously tempted this weekend.

Since we have moved toward a more frugal approach to everyday life, one thing we haven't missed is non food shopping. We just don't do it anymore unless we needed something. This past weekend, we found ourselves at a discount department store that has a bit of everything.

What do I do? My legs magically led me to the shoe section whereby a pair of high heeled fashion boots just managed to pop on my feet. As I was strutting up and down the aisle with D looking at me miraculously, frugality was as far from my psyche as Mars is.

We were there to look for a pan, not high heeled boots...

I managed to browse the rest of the store all the while carrying my boots. Whoops, I used the word "my", didn't I? After all they were marked down from $190 to $60...

No I didn't buy them. D almost went back into the store to get them for me because of the immensely forlorn expression I had when I went to put them back.

Wow. That was close. I can say this now but it seriously took me 1/2 hr to get over the apparent "sadness" of not buying. How crazy is that? I had no idea how strong my hidden "buy, buy, buy" programming was. Here I was thinking I've moved beyond that.


  1. One pair of boots would not have negated all the new choices you have been making. I probably would have bought the boots - but I admire your will power.

  2. I have to stay away from stores, I don't have that great of willpower. If I never see it I never buy it. I do need a new pair of boots though....

  3. Hello MW
    Thanks for putting into words what a lot of us have experienced over the years and never told anyone.
    I often walk round stores/supermarkets and replace items I 'thought' I needed and then replaced them realising it was a want. And, yes, sometimes it hurts during the walk/drive home LOL
    Take care

  4. Thankfully I haven't been anywhere where I'm tempted to buy anything, therefore we are still doing really well at not buying anything.

    I think the test will come when I catch up with my best friend in March. That girl loves to shop and usually drags me with her. I'll have to lay down the ground rules straight up.

  5. Hi Middle Way,

    I can totally identify with this. It's just soooo hard to resist a good bargain! You exercised great self-control in putting the boots back. Well done!

  6. Hi Money -- I would not have guessed that you would have bought the boots! What I worry about with myself is that one purchase will snowball into another, into another...old traits die hard!

    Hi Miss M! I hope you find a great deal on your new boots!

    Hi Cathy! The "pain" from not buying is crazy, isn't it? It is what I liken to what withdrawal pain must be like! Not nice feeling! I look forward to exploring your blog further.

    Hi livingmyrichlife! With good friends, it is easier? to lay down the law right off the bat. Congratulations on doing so well not buying!

    Hi Daphne! Isn't it? I have years of conditioning under my belt!

  7. Great story! And good work not buying the boots!! I usually find a way to justify my purchase so that it's a need not just a want. And when it's on sale that is even more grounds for justification!! :)

    Thankfully I actually really hate malls so my real problem is online purchases...

    Thanks for the smile!

  8. Thanks for stopping by Julie! I would think online purchases and online searches for real estate too...!