Wednesday, December 24, 2008

There are no accidents

My husband is supposed to arrive this evening to our ski condo. He has to take 3 flights in order to do so.

My journey this past Monday took about 17 hours with each one of my flights having been delayed, with the last one cancelled and having to fly standby. My luggage has taken a different journey and hopefully it will find its way home to me soon. Luckily, we had the foresight to bring our gear and some clothes here in the spring.

I was in good spirits through it all and met a number of excellent people who like me, were en route home.

It reminded me of something I believe -- There are no accidents in life. I am where I am supposed to be.

My original departure day was supposed to been last Saturday. Leaving on Monday meant I was able to partake in 2 turkey suppers (yummy!)that popped up last minute. I saw the Christmas movies favorites, made some Christmas phone calls and wrote an extra blog entry. It was great.

When I was in the customer service line up in Vancouver, I struck up conversations with people in front of me and behind me and it made the time passage fly by. I felt so bad when I got the last seat on the standby flight and had to leave my new found cohorts behind.

Yesterday I got my picture taken for my season's pass, got my skiis tuned up, notified the central reservation office to be expecting my luggage and got groceries to make pad thai for dinner. I even have a chance to ski a short run before dinner.

The above took a good part of the day and I enjoyed it all.

A gentleman in the season pass line behind me was complained for the duration of the wait to his wife via cell phone. He was upset that he had to wait for his ID badge to printed up because he already paid (so had the rest of us in line). He was yelling at his wife for not doing it for him since she didn't work and all...He threatened that this was the last year for season passes because he was tired of the hour long drive up and carrying of all the gear each year...that he has missed all the good snow, the day was ruined was too late.

Funny, all I saw were people having a great time drinking hot chocolate with their cheeks pink from the cold...Santa was their posing for picture with families...everyone in their gear excited to hit the slopes.

This is my opinion -- but I feel that if one can see their own life as one fluid continuum instead of classifying sections of life as "good" and "bad", we can do a lot toward ending our perceived suffering. An inordinate amount of energy can be spent focusing on all the little "bads" that can be perceived. If you really want to, it can be endless. But why would you?

Let's make a pact to fill the rest of our time here with graciousness and joy regardless of where we are in the continuum!


  1. I Like this, I've had a whole lot of changes in my life lately, and I have to say, it makes me feel very good to think that there are no accidents. It's nice to see the perfection in all of it, even if it isn't exactly what I thought I wanted at the time. :)
    Thanks for this.

  2. Hi Ryan!

    Thank you for your comments!

    I too find it hard at times to see the "logic" in things but hindsight has never failed to prove to me that an alternate worked really well or better!

    Having faith in things keeps my left brain from getting the better of me!

    Good luck to you with getting through all your changes!