Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I've Been Photo Tagged!!!

I just found out I have been photo tagged by Lizzies HOMEWorld. What I am to do is to post the 6th photo of my 6th photo folder!

It is the view from the bedroom window of the apartment we rented in Nice, France this fall. Great to be reminded of our trip.

Thanks Lizzie!

I love pictures so would appreciate it if Everyone Reading would give this fun game a go!


  1. Thank you for the visit! You have a fine site here yourself!

  2. Hiya
    You sounded like the sort of person who would have good photos! My problem was that once I started to look at photos then a couple of hours passed before I remembered why I was digging around in there in the first place.

  3. Thanks nadinebc!

    Hi Lizzie! I too get lost in pictures often. I cannot wait to see the transformation of your new home!