Friday, December 5, 2008

Fly WestJet if You Can!

I would like to commend WestJet Airlines for exemplary service the other day. I receive the Travelzoo (Canada) top 20 by email each Wednesday and this week featured a 50% off 2 day seat sale.

In November, we purchased our spring skiing flights at what we thought was a sale but this week's deal was even better. In fact it was $200 per ticket better. So after I calmed down (I don't like being on the short end of a deal...), I decided to call them to see if it would be to any advantage to cancel our tickets and purchased them again at the lower price.

The whole transaction took less than 5 minutes. We were charged $50 per ticket (taken off the $200 savings) to cancel but still came out $150 x 2 ahead, held as a fully transferable flight credit for a year.

Those of you who have flown with Air Canada know that their cancellation fees are a lot more and had our tickets been with them, it would not have been possible to do the same transaction. I would not have even bothered trying.

So kudos to WestJet and Travelzoo!


  1. Nice saving. Good work on giving it a try and coming out ahead.

  2. Thanks! I am elated at the unexpected windfall! It's a nice head start for future travel.

  3. I had no idea about Travelzoo... I subscribed for the emails and will keep an eye on these deals!

    You got a great deal!!

  4. Thanks! Another one you may want to check out is Shermans Travel. It comes out on Wednesdays as well.