Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Post 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I'm taking the morning off from skiing as I am nursing a few sore spots courtesy of a pretty spectacular wipe out yesterday during ski day #2. I would classify it as a 3/4 yard sale!

D is out carving the slopes as I type. I'm going to head out after lunch to see how things feel today.

It's only the 3rd time I've been up here and as per usual, I ask myself why I do not move here full time? Then I get out my trusty pen and paper to calculate how much it would cost (or how much I need to have in the bank) to afford to retire here.

Here's the breakdown.

-- yearly taxes = $420
-- condo fees = $1608 (includes utilities)
-- high speed wireless internet = $200
-- seasons passes = $1355

Total = $3583 / yr

Not bad for mandatory expenses. Of course I would have to add car, travel, food and household expenses. We opted not to insure contents for this property because it wasn't worth it. The condo fees includes structural insurance.

All in all a pretty tempting proposition for compact living.


  1. It sounds wonderful..It must be a lovely place to live BC, it is BC isn't it?.

  2. Hi Laura and Money!

    Yes, it is in BC -- where we are getting records amount of the white stuff.

    It is very beautiful, laid back and down to earth here. I feel very lucky to be a part of it!