Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Room to Grow

I have to admit it. I seem to require a minimum amount to living space in order for me to "function" properly. By properly I mean feeling like I have enough room to hear myself think, to be able to breath fully, to hide out and to feel like being creative.

It may sound crazy and spoiled but having moved a year or so ago, I've definitely notice a change come over me. In order to facilitate things, my spouse sold his property first and moved into my home. We were literally walking into each other. Did the living arrangement and space satisfy the basic need for a shelter? Yes it did. Could we have made it work? Yes we could have. But we chose not to.

Part of what I am trying to say in my blog is this. My goals in life is to be able to integrate and enjoy a certain level of luxury. For me, space is a luxury. In the end, we found a home that is about the size of both of our small places combined. A huge bonus for the artist in me, is that it is a very old house (1854). The last 2 owners were skilled builders who combined, spent the last 17 yrs restoring and updating pertinent architectural and utility features. For us, living here is like being surrounding by art.

The house cost less than the value of the houses we sold to buy it but it was still more than what I had ever planned to spend on a house. From a living perspective, it has given me many times more value than it's cost on paper.


  1. Great Blog!! I'm adding you to my blogroll :)

  2. Thanks so much! I look forward to exploring your blog further.