Friday, November 28, 2008

3 Books

Just finished reading a few books this week. All of them very useful in their own way.

America's Cheapest Family Gets you Right on the Money by Steve and Annette Economides

I like this book. The title I think gives the impression that you are going to read about a family that goes to extreme lengths of deprivation but that is not true. Extremely readable, well organized, currently relevant and makes a lot of sense. I learned from it and would recommend it.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker

This is my second read. I read it the first time probably a year ago and didn't remember getting much from it but I must have changed because this time I found it to be very enlightening. The first part deals with the "imprinting" we have about money from when we were young. Money on My Mind wrote a great article of her "Financial Baggage" this week.

The second half deals with how to let what doesn't serve us go, replacing it with beliefs and thoughts that millionaires have--those thoughts are not about vacation--but stems from hard work! I am going to re-read this book again soon.

At Home in France Tales of an American and Her Home Abroad by Ann Barry

I got this tip from Saving4Later. I love this book. I am also biased because I seem to take to the French way of life fairly naturally. I was sad to find out that the author passed on in 1996 after owning in France for a dozen years or so. I could so relate to her need to get away, to a place that is privately hers. (made me want to find that solo place in France too...) She never married and only spent 2 -3 weeks there a year (what a luxury!) but her descriptions of her home and country life are full of passion and joy. Written only like a woman in love could.


  1. Thanks for the book reviews.

    All these books look good. I will check my local library and see which ones they have :)

  2. Cool! Let me know what you thought of them.

  3. I heard good things about the second book and will probably read this soon. Thanks for your thoughts on it.

  4. You are very welcome! I hope you find it as interesting as I did.

  5. I just read Secrets of the Millionaire Mind myself. I found it very helpful in identifying the ways I think unproductively about money, and, yes, uncovering my "financial baggage."

    The tone was a bit schmaltzy for me, though... I'm sorry, I cannot imagine putting my hand to my head and declaring "I have a millionaire mind!"

    It reminds me of some ways of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Garrett Gunderson's Killing Sacred Cows, but I think it predates all of that stuff. I think the focus on abundant thinking and action is key.

    Good stuff, overall.

    (btw, thank you for adding me to your blogroll!)

  6. Hi Lise!

    Yes, I agree that his way did throw me a bit and then I realize that every "coach" has their own "way" that makes them stand out so I just stuck to the messages!

    It is great finding another blog by a Canadian Woman!

  7. I think you have me confused with someone else, Middle Way ... I'm in central Massachusetts!

    Though now I'm amused because I did grow up very close to the border with Quebec and spent a lot of time there growing up. Can you smell the Quebecois from here? ;)

  8. Hi Lise!

    Yes, you are second blog author Lise on my blogroll! Wow--the subconscious mind does wierd things.

    I think I read that you did your undergrad at Vassar like someone I know and you write like my Quebecois girlfriend does--very to the point with no excuses--my mind just made the leap!

    Hope I did not offend you!

  9. No offense at all! I consider being mistaken for a Canadian a compliment ;)