Friday, October 10, 2008

Interest rates

The prime lending rate in Canada recently went down. What that means to me is my variable rate mortgage just got cheaper ie. the biweekly amount owning dropped. What I will do about that is increase my payment to where it was before. By making this small step (a few dollars increase), my overall amortization just dropped by a couple of months. Sweet!!!

I've been doing some very serious thinking the last few days about my financial plan. I use a spreadsheet to track monthly cash flow (isn't it all about the cash flow?!) up to 2012. My plan A was to max out the 15% mortgage prepayment allowed by the rules of my mortgage yearly. Should I succeed, then it would mean complete debt freedom in about 4 years.

With the markets having taken such a dive, buying opportunities have been abound. The investor in me wants in. So do I put in place plan B which is to divide what was to be the mortgage prepayment by 50% and invest as well?

Another aspect of my money plan is to increase my cash position to cover inevitable costs of life and home ownership--kind of like what condos have to draw from in "x" years when all the roofs need to be replaced etc. I have established a number of savings accounts nicknamed for the various categories ready to go.

In the end, what made my decision easier is coming back to the question of "What do I know for sure?"

I know that I have debt.

I know that I want to work 2 days a week.

I know that I want to take advantage of this economical opportunity but only in a proportion that won't lengthen my debt free date or undermine my liquidity.

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